Hazfal – It’s free, and it will be.

Hazfal is free for every residents and for administrators.

The condominium life was never like this.

Simple, cheap and friendly.


it’s free
Hazfal beginner package

Every residents can use Hazfal without stint in the basic package. There are functions like fault tracking, communication, balance settlement and of course Hazfal community module for the administrators. It’s not a trick, everything is free.

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it's free
Hazfal Advenced package

We offer our Advanced package to such administrators, whom don’t shy away from the precise and timely bookkeeping. For condominium communities, where they would like to make the finance absolutely transparent.

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0.49 € / condominium unit / month
Hazfal Pro package

With Hazfal Pro package you can check out the full administration and you can manage everything in one. Automatic bookkeeping, cost planning and managing, intelligent circular letter sending can help to satisfy all residents’ needs.

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Everything about the packages. There are no hidden costs, we are honest.

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I try it
I try it
Monthly price (billed monthly)** Free Free 0.49 € / condominium unit / month (every type of condominium units counts)
soonPermissible number of administrators 1 1 limitless
Condominium and flat management      
Uploadable number of condominium units limitless limitless limitless
Condominium unit and resident administration
Fault managing
Event managing
soonGeneral meeting manager
Document managing
Maximum size of document storage / condominium 200 MB 200 MB 1 GB
Bookkeeping and results      
Appropriations, balance management
Items balancing at bookkeeping
Annual report
Adding service bills
soonOverhead reduction module
soonAutomatic interest calculation
soonSpecial access of the Supervisory Board
Invitation by mail and email
Hazfal automatic communication
soonSending Circular letters
Residents' side      
Multi-user residents' side
Multilanguage residents' side
soonModerating the residents' side
Limiting the transparency of the finance
soonResidental analytics
Annual feedback vote
Hazfal premiums      
soonHazfal certificate
soonWhite label residentals' side
Appearing on hazfal.hu and on kepviselokodex.hu
Using, operation      
Excel exporing
Tablet access
Mobil app
Daily backup
Backup recovery opportunity 1 day 1 week 1 month
soonFollowing the administrators’ activity

* The mentioned prices DO NOT include local VAT.

Paul Specter, administrator, Derby.

Hazfal Pro

Thanks to Hazfal Pro upgrade, the system was able to replace the softwares which I used before. It made my life easier, integrated my processes. Because of this, I had time to spread and could grow the number of managing condominiums by me by 20%. Besides these I could provide extra services to the residents.

Paul Specter Administrator, Derby

First try it free, and if you like you can change to a bigger package.

We develop Hazfal especially for the residents and for the administrators. This is why it’s so good to use!

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