The condominium life was never this easy like now. It changes the residents’ life in the condominium. This is Hazfal.

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  • What is Hazfal?
    Hazfal is an online condominium managing system, which purpose is to making easier the daily administration of condominiums, as well as supporting residents’ community activities.
  • What does Hazfal do?
    We’re offer solutions for five main problem:

    1) The problems because of inappropriate record system, which are causing constant discomfort for the residents, and for the administrators.

    2) Troubles in the communication between the residents and the administrator, which require extra time from both sides.

    3) The finance of the condominium isn’t transparent enough. This is the first reason why the residents trust less and less in the administrators.

    4) Hard to carrying out the validation of developments and needs related to the condominium. (e.g.: tenders, legal issues)

    5) It’s already a serious challenge to hold together the community in condominiums with few flats. We don’t help each other but we live close to each other.
  • Is there a minimum expected number of flats?
    No, there isn’t. Hazfal does not offer advantages just for the condominium in the legal sense.
  • How can I use Hazfal system? (I'm a resident)
    Hazfal system is available for everyone. But the condominiums can install only with the administrator. For this, you only have to give us the administrator contacts with the form on the home page, or contact us by phone, mail or email. If you would like to enjoy the advantages of the system today, then you can too recommend Hazfal to your administrator. The system is free for both sides
  • How can I use Hazfal system? ( I am an administrator)
    With the sign up option on the page you can easily sign up in a minute. After uploading the condominiums and flats, inviting the residents will be available. The system helps in several ways to send the invitations, furthermore you can track the ratio of the registered users.
  • How much time does the system need in a month?
    The system purpose is to save time and money for the users. Thanks to the various automation, giving the costs is only the administrator’s job. You can upload the data on a transparent, quick to use surface.
  • How is the system installed?
    After the administrator registration and uploading the information of the flats, immediately possible to the residents to sign up too
  • Does everyone have to sign up?
    No. The administrator is the only person, who is essential participant in the terms of registration. If a part of the residents decide not to use the system, they will get their notification in the traditional way.
  • Where can I sign in
    You can sign in on the www.hazfal.hu, for both the residents and the administrators.
  • Can I use the system from any country?
    Of course. The system is available everywhere in the world, where there is internet connection.
  • Can I use it on phone or tablet?
    Yes, it is even more exciting! Manage your finance on the metro, get information about the business of condominium while you are waiting at a bus station, or organize a common program with your residents, if you have a little spare time at work.
  • I, as an administrator use an administrator system. Does Hazfal offer extra advantages to me? Should I use it?
    Of course! Hazfal can be such a free accessories for your current software, which offers plus services for the residents. The system is excellently suitable for debts collecting, managing the faults in the condominium and communicating with the residents. Hazfal Pro can fully replace your current system, adding several plus function.
  • In what languages is the system available?
    Hazfal is fully available in Hungarian and in English.
  • What kind of computer do I need to use Hazfal?
    To Hazfal you only need a computer, which can run a browser. It can be Windows, Mac or any phone or tablet.
  • How much does it cost?
    Hazfal is fully free, and it won’t change.
  • Does my information in safe?
    Thanks to the continuous backup the data on our servers is in the biggest safe.
  • Is it necessary to conclude a contract?
    With accepting the terms of use, a contract will conclude between the users and Hazfal.
  • Can anyone else see my information?
    After your permission, we show your user profile, and even then those can see only, who are registered in your condominium
  • What happens when the condominium wouldn’t like to use furthermore the system??
    If the administrator wouldn’t like to use the system anymore, she/he can inactivate hers/his activity, from which the residents get notification through the system, and they can use it furthermore. But the finance of the house won’t show in the system.
  • Can I delete myself from the system?
    Yes, of course. You can delete or inactivate your account.
  • If I move out, can I sign in to my old Hazfal of condominium?
    No. You moved out, get to know your new residents in your new condominium. If Hazfal doesn’t installed there, be the first one, who recommend it
  • Can the other members of the family use Hazfal?
    There can be more user to a flat, even with different rights. But the administrator is the owner of the flat
  • Does my tenant can use Hazfal?
    Of course, you can add your tenant to your flat, whom will have different rights.
  • What is Hazfal Pro?
    Hazfal Pro offers several comfort and cost-cutting solutions on Hazfal for monthly fee. Only the administrator can change to Hazfal Pro. Hazfal Pro offers several comfort and cost-cutting solutions on Hazfal for monthly fee. Only the administrator can change to Hazfal Pro. Hazfal Pro offers several comfort and cost-cutting solutions on Hazfal for monthly fee. Only the administrator can change to Hazfal Pro.
  • Why so far, there wasn’t similar system in hands of the residents?
    Neither we don’t know… but luckily there is now!:)