The condominium life was never this easy like now. It changes the residents’ life in the condominium. This is Hazfal.

I try it

For residents

Hazfal is a public place, where the residents can get to know each other. Helps in the cooperation, makes easier the residents’ interest vindication. Hazfal offers such a management tool for the residents, which helps them to be informed about the businesses of the condominium in a transparent way, helps managing the tenants, from anywhere, whenever, from any device without language barrier.

Every residents’ interest are maintaining, sugarcoating and making more livable the house. Our goal is to get together people of the same interest and help in their community service. Whether taking care of the garden by the residents, organizing the joint dog walking or warning the problematic residents for the community.

Only the administrator can install Hazfal. The main reason is, that he is managing the business of the condominium, he can provide us authentic information. The system is closed, outsiders can’t see the businesses of the condominium.

For administrators

Hazfal is a cloud based online service, which offers services for the administrators, especially made for them. These services make easier the administration, make more efficient the operating, and reduce costs. For the residents, the system makes transparent the finance of the condominium, makes easier the participation in the business of the condominium and makes a community. As well as helps the communication between the residents and the administrators and strengthen the potential of the local community of cooperation.

Hazfal offers a solution for the indoor administration, communication and management. Increase the administrators’ efficiency, whom can managing more condominium and more economically with the same resource. For the residents, it makes easier the control and builds community.

About the technology

Hazfal system is a cloud bases service. This means, that the information is available from everywhere without geographical barriers. Thanks to this technology the information is in bigger safe. Its additional big advantage is, that it’s not require big computer capacity from the user side, it is available from smartphone and tablet.