Are you an administrator? Try it free.

Forget the boring administration and the lot of paperwork. Hazfal is meant for you.

Filling the last name is obligatory!

Filling the first name is obligatory!

With the registration you accept our terms of service.

Nora, administrator

Managing three condominiums

Look how easy it is

You can install Hazfal into your condominiums independently from everything. You don’t need to bookkeeping, you can invite the residents in minutes and the condominium community has also been set up.

The new dimension of condominium management

An all-in condominium solution for you and for the residents.

  1. Fault management

    Manage the occurring faults fast and easily. Give feedback immediately.

  2. Communication

    Give a place to your residents, where they can establish community.

  3. Managing finances

    Administrate your residents’ debts, about which they get an automated notification.

The system is absolutely free of charges. There are no hidden costs. Really.

In Hazfal there is no trial, it doesn’t expire after 30 days. Use absolutely free even today!

I try it

I am an administrator, what do I have to do?

Are you bored with the paperwork, sending a lot of mails? Can you not collect the claims? It’s over.

We offer continuous help in the installation of Hazfal, we even help in inviting the residents!

You don’t have to do more than uploading your houses and flats. Let us do the rest, try it now!

I try it
It’s good not just for you

But for the residents too

With installing Hazfal, you create a social network in your condominiums, which the residents of the condominium can use. They can chat, organize events, help each other and You. With a service like this, you can become unique in the market.

Screenshot about the system of Hazfal condominium
I would never use another.

I would never use another.

When the team of Hazfal looked me up, that would I try the system, I was a little sceptic. Currently I use it for two months and I can’t imagine my job without it. The residents’ positive feedbacks give me obvious sign that we are heading to the right direction. The residents started to help each other in the condominium. In several houses we communicate wholly in electronic way through Hazfal. Like this I can deal with the residents’ needs more.

Sara Managing 5 condominium in downtown of Pécs