Ask for the installation now

Only the administrator of the condominium can install Hazfal. Give us his/hers contacts and we deal with the rest.

Ask for the installation now

With the invitation you accept our terms of service.

Linda and Peter, just married

New residents of a condominium in Budapest

Nézzen bele egy ház Házfalába most

Lépjen be és próbálja ki a Házfalat egy demó rendszerben. Itt megnézheti, hogy hogyan működik a Házfal a valóságban.

New life in the condominium. For absolutely free.

Don’t you know your neighbor? Don’t you know whom to turn when moving in? It’s over.

  1. See the finance of the condominium

    Hazfal makes the finance of the condominium totally transparent for the residents too.

  2. Getting to know your neighbors

    Hazfal creates community and connection between the residents.

  3. Give voice to your opinion

    Talk with your neighbors and tell your opinion on Hazfal.

Using Hazfal is absolutely free. Speak with your administrator now!

Or send us your administrator’s contacts and let us do the rest.

I try it

I am a resident, what do I have to do?

Hazfal is a closed community place, which makes the finance of the condominium transparent.

Do you also think we don’t take advantage on each other’s nearness in the condominium?

Hazfal offers opportunity to the residents to getting to know each other, organize joint event. The condominium life has never been this easy!

I try it
Communicate with the tenant or with the landlord

Communicate with the tenant or with the landlord

Hazfal gives opportunity to the landlords and to the tenants too. As a landlord you can track the residents’ finance, you can make sure that your tenants pay the costs. Moreover you can collect the rents too through the system. As a decent resident you can get good references, with which you can find new flat easier

We play together in the condominium

We play together in the condominium

With my son Chad, we went to the playground a lot. I got acquainted with several mothers there, among others with Samanta too, who as it turned out lives on the second floor. It was surprising, that before that we never met. Since they installed Hazfal, we created a baby group. Already five of us go to the playground together, and if all goes well, soon there will be a new mother in the group.

Samanta Bennet A two years old boy’s happy mother